The Facts and Myths of Eyelash Extensions

FACT: When applied correctly; one extension of proper length and volume to one single, isolated natural eyelash, they will not cause damage!

MYTH: Anyone who trained to do lashes is qualified to do them.
FACT: Training to do eyelash extensions Is just the beginning. It takes extreme patience, practice, and dedication to perfection to be a Master eyelash stylist.

MYTH: Eyelash Extensions hurt.
FACT: When applied correctly you should barely even feel eyelash extensions.

MYTH: You can have eyelash extensions as long and as thick as you want.
FACT: The length and thickness of eyelash extensions should be purely based on what the natural eyelashes can healthfully support.

MYTH: You can’t wash your eyes with extensions on.
FACT: Not only can you wash your eyes, it is recommended to do so daily with an oil free cleanser, to keep your lash line
healthy and clean.

MYTH: Eyelash Extensions last 6 weeks.
FACT: You shed 2-7 natural eyelashes per day. After 2-3 weeks most people will have shed enough to need a touchup.